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  • pharmaman58 pharmaman58 Mar 1, 2013 7:55 AM Flag

    short sellers create opportunity, an ALS lottery ticket?

    Shorts create opportunity for educated longs with their distortions and lies. QCOR was victimized, and that's not fair. I took a beating like most people here, but it didn't stop me from buying additional shares at $18 and $25 and now, easiest decision yet, all I can responsibly acquire under $33. This baby is going to $50 and higher and that's a ride I don't plan to miss--in large part for the profit and in small part because it feels good to invest in a company like QCOR.

    Would I ever love to see some positive trial data in early 2014, and eventually an orphan indication for repression or delay of ALS symptoms, in 2015. Could happen, right? QCOR plans to get the bat off their shoulder as we've come to expect, and neural inflammation plays a significant role in the progression of ALS according to what I've been reading. So we'll see...and meantime we have a diabetic nephropathy trial on the nearer horizon.

    The downside of any positive news on either new indication front? Maxdad will need to spend another long night recalculating all his projections and he's getting old.

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    • "Shorts create opportunity for educated longs with their distortions and lies." -May be misinterpreted.
      Shorts distortions and lies creates opportunity for educated longs. -State it the way you mean it.

    • I am NOT getting old. I AM OLD !@!! LOL....But to play this out suggest anyone interested in the Acthar for ALS opportunity simply google ALS CURE and you will quickly find both the stats and the Rx info you'll need to see that this would be a GAME CHANGER. At present there is only ONE med for ALS and it doesn't cure, abate symptoms or even reduce progression. It only provides a brief (a few months) extension of life...And for those of you who know ALS you also know that typically by the end of this horrid disease the LAST thing victims of it want is to extend life. ALS is one of the HOLY GRAILS of medicine and has been for decades...and in those decades nothing has come along to deal with either symptoms or disease progression. I am not suggesting that Acthar will ultimately do this, but it certainly has demonstrated the characteristics needed for mitigating this disease...Pharmaman, you wrote me on this point so feel free to weigh in...

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      • Max--
        Not looking to blow the ALS initiative out of proportion, only suggesting Acthar may have potential to delay or reduce symptoms by reducing inflammation. Really just wanted to get this on the radar for long holders who may have missed the CC.

        Quoting CSO David Young from the CC: "...neuroinflammation has been established as an important factor in the pathogenesis of ALS...some of the centrally located and peripheral cells that may be responsible for neuroinflammation in ALS are directly affected by Acthar...we hope to have an agreement with the FDA on a proof of concept IND trial in the next few months...anticipate getting this trial underway in the first half of this year...treatment duration over a 9-month period..."

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