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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Mar 1, 2013 4:02 PM Flag

    Either the last 800k shares trading were almost perfectly symmetric

    OR I have never seen such an orderly short exit out the back door!!! MM controlled both small AND LARGE trades about as close to perfect as they can.

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    • I am one of the shorts , again you guys don't realize
      1) there will be no new investors

      2) institutions who have invested or purchased while the stock was between $18 -- $25 are now lending out the shares for shorting

      3) shares were not available for shorting below $25

      4) Again, I remind you that the risk is no small issue surrounding QCOR
      any sort of insurance news or other insurance companies following AETNA or just making a claim that ACTHAR doesn't have any clinical data could be disasterous. You will have to wait 4 years to recover, by then the orphan status will be expired.

      5) Our friends at CITRON and else where have ammo which will released as per market timing.
      Just to give you a clue, it was our friends at CITRON who told insurance companies to be aware of potential overcharging and misuse by doctors and aggressive marketing...........

      6) You don't need to be smart at all, earnings report -- no market reaction -- infact going backwards -- is enough indication !

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      • We all know that shorts are not operating on vacuum.We knew you had your own beliefs. Thank you for speaking your mind and taking time to warn us. The thing is, these things were already discussed enough in this forum including competition from a generic alternative which you probably forgot to mention. Three months back these would have sounded very valid but not anymore. They are increasingly becoming hollow arguments. All we can say to is "be careful".

      • Corrupt sweetie,
        If you were friends with major league dirt bags like Andrew Left at Citron, you wouldn't be hanging here with us little people, conniving to move QCOR down 20-30 cents, against long odds.

      • Nope, no email yet... just checked again...

        I'm just guessing here, but with the amount of posts by shorts the last $10 move up, I would have to be pretty desperate if I needed to convince retail investors so I could cover.

        Seems every dollar to two dollar move has been accompanied by many doomsday posts, lower price target posts, and even an occasional stretching of the truth.

        Now it has been very kind of you to be so considerate as to warn us. I mean, you must be extremely busy with all your high end friends to take time to warn us little guys one last time.

        So since you are so concerned for us send your contact info to my yahoo account and I'll call you to establish your credibility. Believe me if you are credible, that be refreshing to everyone. A high falutin wall street type that actually cared about us. We'd throw you a party and maybe even put you on our Christmas lists (or at least I would if you didn't want your personal info released).

        I'm waiting...

      • Nope, no email yet... I'm waiting... if you send me your contact info, I'd be happy to establish your credibility and share whether there is some or not. Send your personal contact info to my yahoo account and I'll call you.

      • Corruption - I loaded up 390 more @32.90 just before the market close, the new retail investors are in fact loading up everyday, you can't keep the lit for so long. let us see what happens next week.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 6. It was suspected that short sellers would attack after the volume decreased in the afternoon at a point of resistance of 35 and 200 day moving average. Let's see could it have been that they were under water on their investments, so it was either cover or short more. You decided to short more at a point of resistance and 200 day moving average which is a no go zone for shorts. It took a lot of ammo to knock this down and will take less to push it back up.
        Lastly, the downside risk here is very limited. You may be able to manipulate it down a buck or even two, but the upside potential is tens of dollars. Even if it continues at the same pace, and I expect it to accelerate slightly, the stock will be trading $3 higher in one month or less. Again, TY and good luck with your investing. I just think you would be better off shorting an overvalued stock that miss earnings like JCP who lost $5 today. Now that would have been a good deal, but you missed it I suspect. And another Citron article if it shows up here, will not have the effect you think. Now if you combine that with a Bear Raid, then the Longs and institutions that lent you the stock are waiting with triggers below. Hope you can cover before it bounces back.
        Question, if you do not mind, what broker has stock to short? and At what price do you think you would reverse your short position? TY in advance.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Oh wait, I have an idea... send me your personal contact info at my yahoo account. I'll be more than happy to call you and once we establish credibility, we can let people know.

        Sound fair?

      • Good for you.

      • Dear Corruption, First thank you for posting. Good to see and speak civil with the other view.
        1. The investors are coming in droves, action on the boards proves new interest, I personally know of 10 new shareholders, and they are not selling until its over $100. Be aware that on top of that there is plenty of positive news making new investors aware of the QCOR and how under valued the stock has become solely because of 27 million shares short.
        2. The institutions are lending shares and then buying them back. They not only will make the divy on you, but the broker will make margin interest on top of that. By lending out there shares to you at say 33.80 They buy back the shares they lent you and more at 33. Then once they have bought back all the shares they have lent, watch the jump in PPS over the 200 average. Then you will need to buy back your shares at $38. Good Luck with that. Rem, Institutional investors do not loan out all their shares for shorting they have a vested interest in the stock price going up.
        3. Key points for resistance to support an upward movement. Wait until no shares are available under $30, $35, $40 etc. The big boys have you boxed in
        4. BS, There are risks associated with any stock. To bring up Aetna and Insurance coverage is old regurgitated hogwash, since 12 Insurance carriers, Analysts, the company, the earnings and the increases script numbers disprove your analysis. I have spoken with Aetna, It is obvious that policies are guidelines, not the law and Aetna continues to pay scripts. Sorry you have been mislead.
        5. Your friends at Citron, take out put options before the release of their misleading articles, then buy stocks or options on the way down. Leaving the short retail investors holding the bag to battle. It has not worked to well for him on ISRG. And it will not work well here for short retail players. I heard the same short story when we were trading at 18. So history repeats itself once again.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • IF your message is ever traced and you have ANYTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH Citron or an active network of short traders, you just wrote a confession that will put you in jail. I know I for one won't miss you but I might send you a cake!!!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • As the 200 day average moves closer, either through increase in PPS or time decay, when we cross there will be a new investor interest. I still see no downside with manipulation, as we see Longs are staying put even adding at these prices. I think tomorrow will be even more interesting. I may again pick up a few cheap shares after hours like yesterday. :)

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    • Knew it! Shorts have pals working in high places. Now, as they gradually join our side, this will finally turn around in a big way.

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