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  • itsawhiz itsawhiz Mar 2, 2013 1:24 AM Flag

    February $7 Gain for QCOR

    For new Investors, We started the month of February at about $26. Matter of fact, on 2/4 we traded at a low of 25.86. In less than one month, we have gained $7. The spike we saw during earnings is just a warning shot to the shorts. The writing is on the wall. Large Institutional investors will continue to buy more shares. The stock continues to rise to true valuation. Why? Because the investors here are using some investment techniques that have been effective. Well there are a few things you need to know.

    1. Do NOT believe everything that is printed in an article. Motley Fool continues to spew old news, old short thesis, and focus on virtually meaningless lawsuits and investigations that are normal when dealing with Biotech stocks. Articles from Citron Research are to be considered lies or misinformation. He doesn't have any creditability.
    2. Do NOT sell your stock when the price is low. Curb your fear caused by manipulation trading by short sellers to take your stock from you. Matter of fact, when the price is down, it's the best time to buy. Sell when the stock goes over your target price to new highs. You may miss some profits, but at least you are satisfied with your return at the price you wanted. Even, if your high has not been hit. The likelihood that it will is better here then anywhere else.
    3. Do NOT use Stop Loss on your stock with QCOR. Due to the high short interest, it has been common in the $20s PPS range for this stock to drop a couple dollars on a Bear raid, then bounce back in quick order, within hours. Shorts use this opportunity to trigger stop losses to propel the stock down even further at your expense. Then buyback the shares they shorted at a lower price on the shares that you are selling. Stockholders since September/October have made "mucho dinero" by not using stop losses and even layering buy orders under the current trading prices by $1or $2 even $3 which were seldom triggered.
    4. Layer Buy orders to trigger at 5% and 7.5% and 10%

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • $15 Gain from the lows of $17
      and $25 DROP FROM THE HIGHS

    • Cont.
      4. Layer Buy orders to trigger at 5% and 7.5% and 10% below the current trading prices. Especially with high value stocks with tremendous growth who are trading well below true value due to short manipulation.
      5. Share your research and provide valuable information to others on the board. Be honest and open to suggestions from people with expertise in that area, Pharma has drug field background, Maxdad has stock valuation and M&A experience and Mikeylikesit has a well rounded investment experience capable of information due diligence in Biotech companies combined with a system that is capable of early warning detection of ready to move stocks and Nomadnix understand options and has a finger on the pulse of the stock. He is also good for misspelling words that you are able to read along with rhymes and favorite sayings. I maybe missing a few more names of very capable people, who without their contribution the success of February would have been more difficult. My apologies in advance. It is not one individual that has made this stock a success, IT'S THE TEAM. By sharing your expertise, you make others better investors and create better results.
      6. Do not respond to negative postings that share nothing meaningful. It's difficult to stay the temptation to put them in their place when they spew out misinformation or outright lies. If you have to and If they are top on the list of post, then be quick about it, but do not prolong their irritating message to other board readers. Matter of fact, a rule I use is if you respond to a negative poster, then right after you post to him//her you should respond to a post prior that expresses more of your opinion. Even if you just "BUMP"

      I hope this help new investors here with understanding some of the techniques we used over the past month. If I missed something, please feel free to add as a reply. We are not finished here by a long shot. The stock is on a upward trend even with the ups and downs. Stay the course

      Sentiment: Strong Buy