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  • granicus007 granicus007 Mar 14, 2013 1:23 PM Flag

    QCOR for the dividend investor

    I am expecting QCOR to continue doing extremely well.
    But something to think about for those not focused on the huge growth potential of qcor is the YIELD.
    I am presently averaging about 3.5%-3.75% yield on my qcor shares (and one lot I purchased now paying 5%!).
    So think about this - a debt free company, printing money hand over fist, and paying a very secure, attractive yield. And there may be some very nice dividend growth to come?
    The investors on this board usually are long (like me) or short.
    But investors just seeking yield? I can not think of another company that offers this kind of yield, with this kind of growth potential, that is debt free and throwing off gobs of FCF.
    So, if an investor was just in qcor for the yield, it is a great opportunity.
    ps me being more ambitious am waiting for potentially much larger returns-but will gladly accept qcor's very nice dividend while I wait :)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • ...and the dividend will continue to increase. the company has already said they'd be happy continuing to distribute a comfortable % of free cash flow. as cash flow continues to increase(as it has the past three qtrs), the dividend will continue to increase. in addition, this helps put a floor on the stock(approx 3% yield) and is likely why future short attacks will not work like before, prior to the dividend.

    • By ALL traditional measures Questcor is a TRIPLE PLUS THREAT...
      1. A reasonable (3%) DIVIDEND YIELD...also increased payout yield by 25% after only 2 Quarters!!!
      2. A VALUE PLAY---I won't repeat ALL the VALUE arguments other than 10X P/E (off of a 109% growth year) and less than a 5X forward P/E by my estimates (7X by most others)....with most analysts looking at over 30% growth in 2013.
      3. AND MOST SIGNIFICANTLY A GROWTH PLAY...ALL OVER EXPECTATIONS For the last 8 straight quarters (8 STRAIGHT 'BEATS" IN A ROW). 109% GROWTH IN 2012...I personally think close to that again this year (2013) though, again, most analysts have growth for 2013 over 30%...PEG RATIO IS THUS A MERE FRACTION OF THEIR GROWTH INDICATORS FORWARD OR BACKWARD LOOKING!!!

      Find me another stock in ANY industry that has anywhere near these metrics and I WILL invest in it assuming there ARE no obvious risks (and I continue to believe Questcor's risks may be obvious, they're just NOT SERIOUS!!!).

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      • well stated Max....qcor is one of those investments that I keep searching for significant negatives - and I've not found them yet. I now own more qcor as a percentage of investable assets than any other stock I own by far. And my biggest struggle now? It is trying to debate myself whether I should ADD to my current holdings.
        qcor is one of those rarest of gems, sitting there, waiting to be picked up.
        Overwhelming positives.