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  • reason204 reason204 Mar 28, 2013 7:38 AM Flag

    Buyback and why you want it to continue

    QCOR should earn at least $5.60 a share so with 63 million shares outstanding were talking about bringing in a cool $350 million for this year. Not to mention that the company is already sitting on $100 million after the acquisition payment.

    That money sitting in the cash register will do nothing for this company nor will buying into some risky biotech companies and causing a money drain that all here will learn to hate. Further the acquisition done here recently had a special purpose my friends in fact very special.

    Qcor isn't going to find a better acquisition than their own underpriced stock and in the process of continuing their buyback program at a heavy clip your increasing your expected eps and your price per share going forward. Further what I think is going to happen if we see that they restarted this program by buying in about a million shares in Q1 is that both the shorts that have such a large position and the institutions that are shying away is that both will have to do some reconsidering here.

    So QCOR board please, please don't stop this program now and get it back in gear if you have as this is critical in sending two clearly needed messages to Wall Street at this time!!

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