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  • my_honest_opinion my_honest_opinion Mar 28, 2013 9:53 PM Flag

    institutional % ownership

    i see LOTS of guys talk about funds holding over 100% of the shares outstanding. that is obviously NOT possible. just take a look at the major holders and you can see why there's quite a bit of double counting. Usually the mgmt companies(LLCs) file, but often it's also listed in the "funds." For example, Oakridge is listed twice - first as Oakridge and then as Pioneer Oakridge - clearly one is a subset of the other. Further, the same thing happens with Fidelity and their various sub-funds. Bottom line, this % has been wrong when quoted by all the authors. My best estimate is that institutional ownership is probably about 60% of the shares outstanding.

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    • Copied from QCOR website:

      Shareholder Breakdown Holders Values ($) % O/S Shares
      Institution 288 2,197,089,421.00 115.11 67,395,381
      Mutual Fund 435 1,042,861,505.00 54.64 31,989,617

    • Hi, MHO, good point. Does your estimate (60%) includes the mutual funds holding? How do you think about Nomad's estimate 85 million { 58.5 + 26.5 (shorted) }?

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      • I don't see how your getting your 60% number as its way off.

        This is the main reason we want the company to continue buying in their shares.

        Think about this, we had over 22 million shares bought in so far and had the shorts never come here our stock price would probably be where it belongs. I hate to even think of what that number should be but it should be at a new high off the last earnings report.

        The company sits on over $100 million right now and will be earning close to $350 million this year alone and another $370-420 million in 2014 not to mention what will happen in 2015 and beyond. This company is a cash cow of major proportion.

        At this time buying in their stock is the best acquisition this company could make because along the way it will hurt this short attack and get our share price back where we belong. When the stock gets this respect back it can than do acquisitions using its shares instead of the balance of its cash.

        If the company didn't buy in any shares in the first quarter they missed a golden opportunity and will show weakness to investors and embolden the shorts.

        I personally wasn't happy to see them buy in very few shares in the months of November and December and hope they got back in the game after the acquisition was completed in January...

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