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  • granicus007 granicus007 Apr 6, 2013 6:31 PM Flag

    Motley Fool article (4/6/13)

    * the author states QCOR is being investigated by the FDA. The investigation is in fact by the US Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.
    * author states the investigation is based on the "premise being it is odd that the orphan drug maker of Achtar gel would charge $23,000 per vial across all 19 indicated treatments". QCOR's most recent 10-k states the investigation is related to "promotional practices".
    The author also fails to state that Acthar Gel has been around for 50 years and was a financial failure until the last few years. If QCOR did not in fact charge the prices for Acthar that it currently does across all indications, and ONLY sold for IS indication, can anyone imagine how much the cost would then be? one could afford it-period..
    * The author fails to state that QCOR instituted a dividend (~3%), is debt free, is primarily used ONLY as a last resort, will start being reimbursed by the US Govt this year (after providing Acthar without reimbursement), in some special cases providing Acthar for free in special need and is currently selling for about 50% LESS than when the Citron article was released.
    * The Citron article in essence has been refuted. The author fails to mention this at all.
    * Fails to mention that investors who bought when QCOR shares fell

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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