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  • alienvapor alienvapor Apr 17, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    hoping x div is where mms take it up

    Was thinking Monday was x div but it's tomorrow. Oversold, quick downturn in morning may be where we start up.

    Haven't changed my opinion that shorts are in control and will remain in control until investigation is over , but may or are probably looking longer term because of obamacare disaster and creep in the WH. They are likely betting long term that QCOR will become poster child for greedy drug companies which will be devastating. Many of the longs here talk like they expect fairness from the market. Shorts can and will bring down a stock price down if unopposed. They'll just short more at higher prices.

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    • What makes you think your unopposed? As I see it your doing management a big time favor.

      Now if management hadn't already bought in over 22 million shares and stated publicly that they have interest in another about 7 million shares right now. Heck we all know that once this batch is bought that if the stock is cheap they will go for even more.

      As I see it your opposed but in a way that apparantly isn't sinking in yet. But it will.

    • fairness would be a pe of 20-30 based on growth rate

      but even expecting 15 pe as I do and this is worth $60-70 price

      so please get a clue

    • Really? My gosh you should sell and short if you don't know the political climate. Those of us in the industry are looking forward to profiting from uneducated folks like you.

      Did I taunt you enough to sell shares and short more yet? Let me know, happy to help you make that decision.