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  • pump_dump9 pump_dump9 Apr 18, 2013 8:31 AM Flag

    unh united health takes hit loss due to govt reimbursement restrictions

    but queercor will do go because they are immune and give shots of piggygel to homeless

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    • Goldman Sachs confirms what you say , looks like a terrible quarter for QCOR it might drop 20% if it will miss or just meet the expectations.
      Goldman Sachs thinks today's weakness in Intuitive Surgical (ISRG -4.7%) is a buying opportunity, on the back of what it calls a "solid" Q1 report. Procedure growth may have fallen short of expectations, but Goldman thinks the slowdown looks consistent with trends across the space (seasonality, declines in hospital admissions), and the impact from negative headlines, while unclear and will take time to prove out, are not material.

    • DUMB and UNH is pushing an agenda with that statement.

      Medicare reimbursement didn't move for Q1. Sequestration was effective April 1st and then overridden by Congress quickly.

      If you are an investor with UNH, I'd suggest you dig into their 10Q with a fine tooth comb to find the real problem. I'll bet you'll find overrun costs on ICD10 implementations, profit dropping on some of their acquisition targets of the last 3 years, consulting services arm profit declining as they are mainly their own customer now with little outside work, and finally some additional costs for meaningful use projects starting up.

      Now if Obamacare stays in place for another 2 years, then they could maybe blame it on gov't stuff, since their profit will be capped and confiscated.

      There is a reason I don't own any insurer's even with their recent runs. Too many expenses to implement and bean counters forcing off shore efforts, that always fail or end up triple the cost by the time they pull in the expensive guys like me to clean up the mess.

      Buyer beware on health insurer's.... and again, my opinion is they are making a political statement to steer you away from the real problems in their filings.

    • You write like you need a shot of piggygel.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy