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  • linusfm linusfm May 2, 2013 3:57 AM Flag

    Management Issues

    I think it is clear to all that know the business model in a little more detail here, that all stock moves aside, the management keeps issuing stocks to themselves for about 10 million on average a quarter, which they then sell on the market. They are doing this because they know they do not have a sustainable model and are trying to cash in as fast as they can. In addition, this whole business model is based on a questionable drug which rights they bought a while back, that at this point cost 4% of what it costs now. They are selling only 4300 units a quarter, if the FDA investigation that is going on figures out this scam, the company is more or less dead. You basically have a firm here that sells 4300 units of Aspirin a quarter trying not to get caught with their scam. Their only strategy is to find new uses for their only drug, which until today only show questionable results in independent testing. Good luck all, I have no position in this anymore, but I will not participate in and own stock in business that are as unethical as this one.

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