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  • reason204 reason204 May 28, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    This is a powerful short group

    even though once in a while a member will panic and cover.

    Don't let anyone kid you into thinking it isn't. That doesn't mean they are winning any war as they are also overloaded in this stock and have allowed it to recover from a number like $18 to where it is today.

    Make no mistake about it the fight goes on and were going to have to live with this until they are gone.
    Fwiw, seeing the market up over 210 points and us flat is as sickening as it gets knowing that on bad days their ability to control the stock is even better.

    There are three things the company can do to put a stop to this and they are keep us informed of all good news. Second they must keep buying in stock and third they have to go out and do many more presentations and or go directly to the institutions and make their presentations.

    They can't sit back and do nothing like might be going on right now.


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