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  • ms1184 ms1184 Jun 19, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

    'Naysayers' part of the Mikey's article. SA taken off line due to this part.

    As usual in the recent history of QCOR, a bit of research into the naysayers proves, shall we say, enlightening.

    Back in March 2011, TV-born stock commentator Cramer recommended what biotech investors should look for using Questcor as an example. Cramer placed a 'Buy' recommendation on Questcor that lasted right up to the fateful day when Questcor stock plummeted more than 50% from a series of vicious short attacks that have since proven unfounded.

    Suddenly, the TV commentator spun from bullish to bearish in October 2012 and told us to sell at $17.

    What do Melissa Davis, Adam Feuerstein, and Martin Shkreli have in common? They are all current or previous employees of Jim Cramer.

    While Cramer was telling us to buy, Melissa Davis was shorting. Davis, as you may remember, wrote the original short story published on StreetSweeper.

    Adam Feuerstein was originally a bit critical of Davis' short position versus her StreetSweeper article being released. However, since then he has been routinely negative in his tweets regarding Questcor. Recently Feurstein got very personal with his published "slimy" comment, regarding the Synacthen deal.

    It also recently surfaced that, Martin Shkreli, was one of the bidders for Synacthen. How can you blame him though? He was only following the advice his previous boss gave us all in March 2011.

    In all, three of that commentator's previous and/or current employees-Adam Feuerstein, Martin Shkreli, and Melissa Davis, were apparently negative about Questcor while Cramer told us to buy and one of them ended up a bidder to license a competing product.

    Now that Questcor is approaching $50 again, Chris from Michigan was curious about Cramer's thoughts on Questcor. Cramer pleaded last night, "Enough! … Company is a sore point...I have not handled myself well in Questcor...not going to offer an opinion...I don't understand the it wrong, ok?"

    I urge investors to watch the Mad Money video on the CNBC website, starting at time mark 23:45. I also urge investors to search 'Cramer Manipulation' on YouTube to identify tactics Cramer himself admits to using. They may seem familiar to Questcor investors of the last year and a half.

    As for Martin, I wish you well in your future endeavors and hope we don't see more links like these when we Google you in the future.

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    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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