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  • pharmaman58 pharmaman58 Jul 18, 2013 7:33 AM Flag

    QCOR accumulation and must read for new shareholders

    1. Sure was fun accumulating QCOR ahead of the dividend.

    2. Once again for newbies--this is a highly manipulated stock. If you set tight stops, you will lose your shares and then watch the price bounce back up. Trust me and the other long holders on this. We have been ridign this roller coaster for a year and some much longer. Many of us have doubled our investment and looking for a lot more. Read mikey or maxdad or goldenstocks or pharmaman58 or nyjohnnygrey or granicus--make your decisions from there.

    3. Shorts have invented and told many clever tales to knock down the share price--some with a bare smidge of legitimacy like the negative Aetna reimbursement policy bulletin, and most so outrageous they were laughable--fake competitive threats including worm therapies, synthetics and generics, management accusations of all variety, and questions about efficacy. All have been proven false.

    The fact is this: QCOR has never been stronger financially or in terms of growth potential. But this is not a boat ride for those who get easily sea sick.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • +1. pharmaman speaks the truth

    • New shareholders:

      Yesterday and today, manipulation case in point.

      Shorting strategy walking down the share price, taking out stops. Probably aiming at 46.50. Means nothing except opportunity to buy. Will pop right back past $49 soon as manipulations are done, and a notch higher if a big buyer or two decide to step in.

      My advice? Add here at 46.80 and again at 46.50 today or tomorrow. Likely pick up 3.50 per share by end of July.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • All that is true will be revealed in time. In the mean time, use this opportunity to load up on additional shares at prices we may never see again. I love how the management includes snippets of valuable information in press releases such as during the Q1 ER, it was revealed that April 2013 was the highest vial shipping month ever! Others focused on the "earnings less than expectations", and I dismissed that immediately as reimbursement ramp up and MS seasonality. I focused on the hidden sentence about April 2013 vials shipped and feverishly clicked by in after hours trading only to add many times since.

      BUY now or be SORRY later as you may have been when ALXN and ONXX soared. QCOR better in every way.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Pharman58: Excellent update as usually and I can not agree more with your outlook!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The manipulation is also enhanced along about options expiration (at the end of this week). What I have been doing is keeping the faith, I have added some trading shares, and added some August $60 calls. We may not rebound until next week because of options expiration (and you may even be able to add under $47) but I suspect there will be a run up into earnings on the 30th.

    • AMEN to Pharmaman's advice! Do you homework, bounce it off his advice, and hang tight.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You need some brass balls if you wanna ride in this rodeo. But it will definitely pay-off big time. I got in when it was around $27.40 and when the bear raids were happening daily. But I knew it was gonna come back. And it'll keep on going higher. PT of $95 for me.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I agree with just about everything said. Since the downturn I have realized about a 500% return through a combination of luck and a little OCD*; QCOR is one of my highest-conviction buys.

      (*only relevant in the context of how strongly I feel about QCOR)

    • My DD and the info/data provided by the one's mentioned by pharmaman are excellent. He is to be included. As for me, if QCOR is not bought out (God forbid!) then I am convinced I own a Priceline (for once in my life). Look at the analysts' projections, they are conservative. Look at the stellar performance of management. They have vision, strategy, and action that screams of maximizing return on equity and assets. Here is the challenge. Find a better company. I don't think one exists with risks that are minimal.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Longs--please add comments if you get the chance. Let's keep this post at the top of the board for a day as we close in on earnings--give new shareholders a bit of education as shorts and MMs pull every trick out of their hat.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • To all new shareholders who are a bit afraid, let me tell you my own cautionary tale. Before earnings last quarter, I was heavy into qcor. I bought every dip, and waited for earnings. Watching on my computer and checking every minute for an update, I saw that QCOR had missed earnings, so I sold my shares dirt cheap (at this point, I had an average price of $29). I sold, and watched as the price trickled back up. All told, I lost the opportunity to make between 25 and $40,000 if I had held.

        Part of this I attribute to my ignorance about how the market really operates, and I take it as a learning experience. I'm now back and I'm not ashamed to say that my average price is around $48. I see upside, and I'm learning to be a better investor. Believe in the company- all investment carries risk- if you want security, buy a CD at 2% interest.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • You can invest by looking at business fundamentals, or you can be mental and listen to speculative lunatics. The fundamentals at qcor are as sound as you will ever see. A high growth company with no debt that pays an attractive dividend. The product is at once a cash cow and an emerging technology. For investors, buy and hang on. For speculators, go elsewhere as the fluctuations will make this a very difficult stock to "time" unless you have very large testicles.

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