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  • danzo2 danzo2 Jul 30, 2013 7:49 PM Flag

    Can't wait until the "STRATEGIC" news is released

    By that time we may already be in the triple digits, ya know, like Friday...

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    • I think the ALS clinical trials was the Strategic news.

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    • From Bailey's comments, I didn't get the sense there would be much more strategic coming this year. He said they had already done quite abit this year so I took that as a signal to not expect much more. Having said that, I didn't hear anything that would qualify for Maxdad's comment to expect something and after Maxdad's stupendous call on earnings, he's the last one I want to go against.

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      • See that is EXACTLY what I meant by "Listen to the CC again, CAREFULLY!!! What you heard was about potential acquisitions. Don used the term "STRATEGIC" but was responding to a question specifically about potential additional acquisitions, NOT the entire spectrum of STRATEGIC INITIATIVES. There are a lot more "STRATEGIC" initiatives than just M&A. As I said earlier, the pieces are all there to be put together. The OPPORTUNITY is that the market has yet to do that with Questcor...AND the stock price was far more susceptible to predatory short attacks than a thorough understanding of what was being put together, brick by brick...I have said this many times before, but it takes a day like today (particularly the CC) to really see what a STRATEGIC MACHINE Questcor truly is...While I believe that it will easily break into triple digits by the end of 2013, and if it doesn't get gobbled up in the next couple of years, today's $52 price tag will look miniscule in 3-5 years...more than enough for a split or three in that time window. This has been and continues to be a LONG TERM LONG GAME that had a fortunate disruption (FORTUNATE FOR MAN OF US) right smack in the middle of a great strategic ascent...This has been by and large fixed and now the P/E (PEG) just needs to catch up with both the financial performance and the strategic initiatives currently underway.

      • If the mid-term goal isn't strategic enough, I don't know what qualifies. Did the ramification of that escape everyone's attention. I think the analysts caught it. Look at the AH price as of right now.

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