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  • drdonrs drdonrs Jul 30, 2013 10:36 PM Flag

    From Wall St. Cheat Sheet

    An excerpt from an otherwise upbeat commentary. Where did they get this kind of "information"? I have not seen any analysts predictions have you?
    Looking Forward: Analysts have a more negative outlook for the company’s next-quarter performance. Over the past three months, the average estimate for next quarter’s earnings has fallen from a profit of $1.1 to a profit $1.07. For the current year, the average estimate has moved down from a profit of $4.18 to a profit of $3.96 over the last ninety day

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    • I saw that too, even if the analtrysts did say that, the cc and the obvious trends the company brass gave clues to entirely refute that.

      It's a company with a monopoly, a drug that is of vital need in the numerous indications spanning autoimmune diseases that has the right mechanism of attack relative to how the immune system regulates itself. One drug, generic mechanism against autoimmune=diverse portfolio. Low side effects, reasonable efficacy vs competing drugs often with low efficacy and sometimes dangerous side effects including death. Company expanding its sales force. Rhuem demand very strong with internal backing from doctors as well as patients for alternative to ineffective drugs. This area as Maxdad pointed out is just beginning to gear up, but I would add, word of mouth in the arthritis community will make for considerable gains not predicted. And like AIDS drugs, its possible that some of these chronic, debilitating autoimmune diseases could be treated in combo with ACTHAR to eliminate any pathology and make the diseases manageable.

    • TOTALLY WRONG!!! 2013 has been BACK END LOADED SINCE Q4 2012 !!! Q1 was shocking to most of us, but NOT Q2...And Q2 was far from full productivity (4-6+ month lag for reps learning curve and sales cycle)...

      What we heard today in the CC was still mostly drip-drip-drip of the various strategic initiatives just getting a GRIP-GRIP-GRIP (TRACTION). And the numbers were still spectacular !!!

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      • That's my impression also maxdad. I just wonder where these people get their information place in particular. Not much different from all the misinformation that had been out there in the past. I personally have not seen any predictions with those numbers swo probably pulled out of a hat.

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    • Yeah, read that and my knee-jerk response to the drivel was to look for the "ignore" field.

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    • Terrible article..those guys must hv the wrong company

    • LOL The ttm EPS is $3.89 NOW! LOL $3.89 X16 =$62.24