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  • echuck81 echuck81 Aug 3, 2013 10:19 PM Flag

    What is the common thread that causes ACHTAR to work on all of these different Diseases?

    I am wondering what the common thread that ACHTAR has to work on so many of these different diseases? What else is out there that it could be tested on?

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    • It is becoming progressively more demonstrable that Acthar is the equivalent to Aspirin in the sense that it is a miracle drug that can be used for a broad spectrum of complex and highly disabling auto-immune and inflammatory conditions. The "one trick" pony story that has plagued the stock price is not only OVER but the opposite impact (MIRACLE DRUG FOR SO MANY DISEASES) is taking its place. To truly understand the evolving "story" of Questcor one needs to understand that they are on a mission to develop layer after layer of breakthrough medicine in the 19 ALREADY FDA APPROVED indications and then take it as far beyond that as the discoveries allow.

      One interesting tidbit hidden inside the Acthar "pie chart" that management shares with us are the off-label indications that are being periodically revealed by physicians who are otherwise at a loss for treatments for their patients with SEVERE auto-immune or inflammatory conditions that are non-responsive to other treatments (most notably steroids) and desperately need something (ANYTHING) to try to give them relief...Each one of these "experiments" (totally legal), when successful can potentially erupt into a whole new field of study for Questcor that serendipitously develops into a new line of approved protocols using Acthar. Couple this with the aggressive R&D and clinical work being done by Questcor (and independent sources) and you start to recognize that Questcor is not just NOT a one-trick pony, but an entire stable of thoroughbreds, each of which is capable of winning The Triple Crown (just to spin that metaphor one last turn)...

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      • Thanks Maxdad01, I appreciate your candor and honestly about the drug & Co. I do own 2,000 shares, the other day I posted as if I was short. I have stage 4 breast cancer and I don't know how long I have to live. I have had 4 different chemo drugs and each one has taken its toll on me.
        I am in the process of establishing a portfolio of companies with dividends without too much risk that my wife can live off when the day comes that I die. I am not looking for sympathy, all I want is to establish as good of a portfolio for her as I can.

        I realize I created a lot of enemies on the board, but I did keep all of my shares because of what people said about the company. Before that I was ready to bail because I didn't believe in the company as much after the short fall in the 1st qtr. GLTA

    • Not only did you NOT listen to me the couple days leading into earnings and so you lost a fortune shorting, but then you post a completely moronic question that proves beyong a shadow of a doubt that you know absolutely nothing about the drug.

      Amazing! We've been educating shorts for the last year on what the drug is, how insurance works, the true history of the drug and the approved FDA indications and yet bozos still appear.

      You'd think maybe he'd google the darn thing and find all my Seeking Alpha articles and Instablog posts describing the mechanisms of action, providing links to anything you ever wanted to know, and the rationale behind the insurance changes.


    • meatloafandmashedpotatoes meatloafandmashedpotatoes Aug 3, 2013 10:32 PM Flag

      Delusional Shorting Disorder (DSD)