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  • ushoodasold ushoodasold Oct 2, 2013 1:06 PM Flag

    Courts favor plaintiffs

    New amended complaints to be filed by October OpEx.

    U Shooda Sold at $70. Heading to $40 or lower once Citron releases his new research.

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    • Why would it be heading to $40? Please explain... Even IF they pay a settlement, the settlement won't even dent the cash hoard this company has, nor it's ever increasing profitability... If you ask me, settlement or no settlement, putting this old news behind us is a GOOD thing. This is one more step towards a conclusion (and a step that eliminates some of the claims as well). Let's move on.

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      • The quickly discredited lie promulgated by the notorious felonious short and an ally in the ..eastern district of Penn was answered quietly and effectively by Q's unflappable mgmt. Whom did not skip a beat in their long term plans. The short's tried again and again with more shrill and less substance and now faced with an avalanche of catalysts and growth a few still think they can scare down the pps with talk of new and improved Ben-gay or worm excrement or blah blah blah yada yada yada and we will still be $200 soon

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    • Ushooda--

      Not quite correct or the full story.

      QCOR filed to summarily dismiss a class action law suit filed by a few shareholders--but the court only dismissed a few plaintiff claims and the balance were allowed to proceed forward.

      You and other shorts know as well as anybody that these are almost always nuisance lawsuits cranked out by lawyers against any public company that hiccups the way QCOR hiccuped last fall. You also know they rarely gain any traction, usually ending in small settlements or eventual dismissals.

      The law suit claims the usual stuff: withholding of information, uneven treatment of shareholders, downplay of certain events, and blah, blah.

      You also know that summary dismissals are seldom granted.

      This is business as usual for a public company these days and will lead to nothing except some legal bills for QCOR.

      Citron? I never sell them "short." They smeared QCOR's share price last fall on a trumped up report of an Aetna policy bulletin. Can even the cunning and irresponsible Citron get any mileage out of this? I doubt it very much.

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      • Based on my personal/professional experience no more than 1-2% of these claims ever wind up resulting in a material judgment. These are "ambulance chaser" class actions and are generally regarded as legal blackmail with the attorney's for the plaintiff's hoping to get a small NUISANCE settlement (to avoid any litigation costs) and plaintiffs getting virtually NOTHING when (IF) that even should occur. The fact that the judge has already thrown out several of the claims and allowed in all evidence proposed by Questcor pretty much tells the whole story (Oh, OTHER THAN THERE IS NO CASE!!!) of how this will ultimately play out!!!

      • Agree completely.

        Legal fees are the only loss QCOR will suffer as a result of that law suit.

        A lawsuit advancing beyond the motion to dismiss stage means little.

    • I sure hope U Sold Short holdin fer $40, when yer pink pantiez r showin yer gonna be naurghty

    • Research full of innuendos no doubt, Showtz have lost faith Track-Record StrUck-out.

    • What's that? Short amending their complaints that the pps is too high? I think Citron shorted NFLX and TSLA too, what a loser he has been for his followers...

    • Which plaintiffs? Must be nice to think that whatever you say will come out as truth...especially in the PPS drop was completely unjustified and has since reached higher levels to recoup gains. The lawsuit should be against Citron.

      "Did you know I have my own MiG fighter jet that I use to fly me from my Bahamas beach house to my Amalfi Coast mansion where two hundred Victoria's Secret models/female servants are waiting for me holding hundreds of millions in cash."

      ^I guess I don't have your gift...

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