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  • skirkel skirkel Oct 22, 2013 6:58 AM Flag

    Number of conditions and orphan drug status?

    So, I've been long QCOR for a while now since before last year's horrific drop and have down very well despite the drop. I still maintain a decent core position. Obviously QCOR has been very effective in finding new conditions for their orphan drug and this trend continues. I assume most orphan drugs are used to treat one or a few conditions. Does anyone know the rules on maintaining orphan drug status in terms of total Rx's across multiple conditions. In other words, is there any significant risk that total sales across all conditions or large sales for a single condition cab someday jeopardize Acthar's orphan drug status? Thanks.

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    • Bump... while I appreciate the 5 thumbs down, it was a serious question that perhaps someone knows the answer to. Thanks.

    • I love the 4 thumbs down, without any reply, for a reasonable question regardless of your long or short thesis. I suppose every MB has their pumpers, their dumpers, and those that blindly fall in love with their position regardless of what is going on around them, but there are some, perhaps a minority, who just want to do research and reconsider their opportunities.

      Again, as a QCOR long I have cashed in some great profits on QCOR and still have a core position that is up over 70%. As proven in the past, in case you haven't noticed, QCOR IS a risky position! Barring any new, crazy, bear-raid headline risk, I anticipate a good bump after next earnings. That being said, I will continually reassess my positions and my risks even if it questions my present sentiment or upsets the blind.

      GL longs.

    • I don't see why it would matter how many conditions Acthar treats. If these illnesses were all treated by different drugs from different companies then there would be no issue. IMO just because QCOR has one drug that that treats all of these small needs, there should be no restriction on total sales.

      Layman's POV but that's my thought.