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  • billydbaseball billydbaseball Oct 24, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    I'm A Bit Lost

    Can someone please tell me what started yesterday's rally?

    Man it was sweet and thanks in advance.

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    • Negatives did not happen.
      - Phrma injunction granted against the ACA and hearings joined with a schedule out to late January for filings, discoveries, etc. Possible negative impact to many stocks but they all got a reprieve. Even stocks that may have had limited impact, shorts had stories waiting to publish I'm sure.
      - Aetna did not release a new coverage update and it's assumed they started the review on that date instead of finishing. So stay tuned for a month or so from now.

      Positives are happening
      - Kidney week coming up which many stocks have some nice abstracts/posters for. On the ASN website.
      - A few different competitor drugs didn't get the trial data results they wished for. One did but is very far from thinking about marketing and not sure anyone figured out if the trial was strictly for EU or had approval from FDA also.
      - New clinical trials for Acthar keep appearing. Two in last week, and I think 5 total in last 4 weeks. I'd have to go run through them again.

      and some other minor things here and there.

      Shorts hit their 'limit' on shares that they have historical been willing to use to try and control the PPS, as a couple folks apparently follow and not just me.

      In summary, with the informative posts by a lot of folks on all that, a decent story has developed where positives outweigh negatives by a wide margin at this time. Throw in the TA that some of the regular posters toss at us each day and... it was a rally time.

      Though anything can happen and sometimes does...

    • When shorty writes an article saying that they're peaking in the windows of a charity to see if anyone is working, it just reeks of desperation. The #$%$ just made themselves a target for the short buster hedge funds to squeeze the ever lovin life out of them.

      Oh, and everyone knows that Q is going to report stellar earnings.

    • The rally, most likely, was sparked by a combination of the following:
      1) More and more investors are realizing that QCOR will have good earnings and have decided either to buy or are reluctant to sell if they are already QCOR holders, driving up the price.
      2) With solid earnings right around the corner, more and more shorts have realized that QCOR is marching upwards despite of any snafus the shorts try to throw against the wall to see what sticks. Nothing is sticking and they are starting to realize that. Well, at least the smart ones are. The dumb ones continue to be short.
      3) And, to a lessor degree, the overall market is looking more favorable due to the temporary resolution of the government shutdown.

    • See Mikes post about actual news.

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