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  • j0e_f0x j0e_f0x Dec 17, 2013 6:58 PM Flag

    Yes please experiment on my baby- it's ok if he/she dies for the greater good

    These short attacks are getting to almost a daily event. First of all what parent in their right mind is going to allow their infant to be enrolled in an experimental treatment for IS when there already something approved?? I certainly would never risk my child's life. Also, the FDA would require a much larger population to be enrolled due to this being administered to infants. I'd say it would take 10-15 years if it could easily be done. There already several treatments for IS. Good luck on that one.
    Also, it seems like the same old shorts coming around with the SOS .I would wager that most of the sales AH are shorts creating the illusion of this is "really bad news". To go from phase 1 to phase 3 is no cake walk and will take 10's of millions of dollars which RTRX doesn't have.. Lets also consider RTRX is run by people not so ethical. All the parties seem to be working together Citron, SA Skrelli, etc.
    It's certainly frustrating if your long. I personally reduced my stake at 60 because I owned to many shares. I will probably buy some back tomorrow.
    I think it's time for QCOR to announce they've hired GS to look at strategic alternatives including taking the company private or an outright sale to another pharma company. This is getting real old.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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