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  • beeglebatty beeglebatty Feb 14, 2014 10:31 AM Flag

    GALE Today.

    What's up with GALE today. Can't find any NEW news..................Beegz

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    • In case you're interested in Gale Beegz-Wall street cheat sheet article on Gale yahoo site has balanced facts IMO. Of course it only makes sense to look into the contrary side with the # of shares today. In fact it's what I wish QCOR would do instead of compensating themselves so highly. It would add greatly to our price to have other promising drugs being funded by the enormous cash flow. Rather short sighted if they don't acquire something soon.
      link from Gale board:
      notice the dndn stats in article- stock price likely related to? since wholly effective.
      If you want I can give short background on cancer vaccine. I am lazy so I shouldn't promise. Can't get the key board to type itself.

    • I'm nibbling away on GALE on the way down--so far a big loser for me. They are accused by Adam F. of pumping their stock with SA articles--different names form same author. Like their pipeline, but today's events leave me nervous.

    • When's the last time you saw a company with a dozen employees worth $450 million?

    • I stopped at 3.9. Last time I buy a stock with no earnings. Actually making a profit is what kept me close with the Q but this GALE story seems to get more ugly attention then I can stomach. Probably end the day at 4.5

    • Beegz, I don't know if you have any and I don't want to impugn any stock you own, since I enjoy your posts, but did you do your due diligence on Gale?

      I'm just say'n, when a company is buying press and the big honcho/nachos are cashing their chips, its time to flee. Like Jo-Kel went long type flee.

      They do have a money making drug, but that cancer vaccine business is tough competitive field that can show inconsistent results in clinical trials. Be sure you have a grasp of the cancer clinical vaccine companies as a reference before investing unless you feel it's insignificant in the bottom line. It's a lot of reading. Look at enrollment, etc.

    • Dude whats up with you and corrupt companies. That is my another short and I have made a killing on that one since the SA bogus pump news came out. Are you folks getting it. Bad Companies should be shorted to keep most the honest.