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  • nyjohnnygray nyjohnnygray Apr 8, 2014 6:20 PM Flag

    Stop basing QCOR price on MNK when the deal just announced and MNK was at a technical low prev. Fri

    MNK on it's own was likely to return to 70s. With Q, as the deal comes closer to closing, I would think that at least $25-30 net dollars are being added to MNK PPS, probably more.

    So I believe fair value of MNK with Q added is at least $100. That is AFTER the $30 payout is accounted for.

    I realize fair value may not be reached at first. In reality, though, I think my estimate is conservative, and fair value of the new company might be $120 -130 AFTER the $30 payout.

    I am no Mikey or Patentright or Maxdad - but we know that Q on it's own was worth mid-80s even with all the overhangs, and $140 fair value now (likely higher by time deal is closed.)

    So take $75 -$30 from MNK. $45. Then $150 from QCOR (fair value as of this summer?). That is $200. Divide by 2 because of 2x the number of shares. About $100. Add 140 times 30%, for the PPS increase of QCOR taxed in Erin. That is $40, divided in haif to $20

    So we are up to $120 PPS fair value just there for the new company. And QCOR holders also have $30 dollars. Granted, taxable, those with big amounts of shares going to be giving some of it to Uncle Sam. Big whoopsie. We are going to do well inMNK from the start, even without fair value.

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