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  • oilngaz oilngaz May 21, 2013 3:21 PM Flag

    Some making a killing off HRP-HRTPY on foreign exchange today!

    Very interesting what's going on, when price on trades gets out of synch between them! And we wonder why we get hosed regularly! :)

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    • This was a little different, as at times the two stocks seemed to be trading by almost a cent difference considering cross rates on the two exchanges. Not for the retail investor to do that. I have found it advantageous if I want US cash, to transfer stock traded on US and Can. exchanges from my Can. brokerage account to my US, sell it and immediately buy it back on the Canadian side. You save the 1% spread from cross rate on exchange for a minimal brokerage fee of about $10 and usually I get a day where I have a good chance of buying back in at a few pennies lower cost. It is a touch risky, but I've never been burned. The opposite can be done exchanging US for Can.:)