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  • oilngaz oilngaz Nov 22, 2013 1:06 AM Flag

    Fly rnan_john_g _braz_scams adios mi amigo malo!

    Well Fly, as you will recall I used to also post my and my wife's pictures in our world travels, which continue.
    Am presently in Kihei, after a great European jaunt in the summer. I have lived in Vancouver close to UBC
    during the entire time when I'm not away. I wouldn't know Rex George if I passed him on the street and have never talked with him, but did give his wife my condolences when she tried to deal with the pathetic li'l twit attacking not only her husband but her children also.

    You have been a source of amusement for me in past years, and as noted if you ever let someone on these
    boards get to you, it's your fault for giving them power they don't have. It's all been in good fun and 've had no malice towards you.

    I did go after poor Lemmy the Loon, and authorities found material on his computer that had dire consequences for him. At any time you could have faced the same or worse if I had wished. As I pointed out over the years. Consequently as much as you tried you could never touch me, being the impotent nobody you are, hiding behind your cowardly aliases,

    I have discarded all my IC grouping and deleted postings, so feel free after three months to aquire my ghosts.

    Will not monitor or post again, as you are now too far gone to have any fun with.

    Hasta La Vista Fly

    IC Banshee Qlti Jim