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  • lingang1 lingang1 Jun 5, 2013 1:59 AM Flag

    what has been done by je while facing tons of scam complain?

    If je is real, they have to say something to prove themself. Seems the scam exist.

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    • If it was up to me,” Daniels said, “I’d shut the door on them.”

      In a statement, Just Energy officials said:

      “As a competitive energy supplier, Just Energy works hard to do right by our customers and takes customer satisfaction very seriously. For these reasons, we agreed to an audit of our sales and customer service practices in 2010. As a result, Just Energy saw a dramatic reduction in customer complaints – from 86 in the first quarter of 2010 to zero in fourth quarter of 2012. All parties involved, including the ICC staff and the Citizen’s Utility Board, were satisfied that obligations outlined in the audit were met by Just Energy and support closing the matter.

      “We regret any inconvenience that was experienced by Mr. Daniels, a consumer who was mistakenly enrolled in 2009 due to a back office error. Mr. Daniels was fully reimbursed, and Just Energy updated our customer enrollment system so this issue would not happen again. “

      A Just Energy spokesman said the company disputes the validity of the 29,000 complaint figure.

      As a result of implementing major reforms, Just Energy said it has dramatically reduced the number of complaints down to 12 last year.

      Regarding Tara Energy, the spokesman said the volume of complaints is not unusual compared to other companies.

      Both the company and a spokeswoman for the ICC said Just Energy has implemented major changes recommended by the auditors in everything from training its sales staff to handling complaints and supervising its staff.

      A company spokesman said it no longer promises savings from its fixed rate contracts, but “protection” from the fluctuating rates of the utilities. And the cost to cancel a contract is $50.

      It seems they have done a lot and fixed the problem.

    • Unfortunately for some people, good business sense = scam. The people who are yelling, "Scam" are those that for some strange reason signed 5 year contracts and were not able to take advantage of the drop in natural gas prices. Point to JE.

      What is a contract? It is a legal document between parties and to break the contract there is a penalty. People are upset that they have to pay to get out of their contracts...another point to JE.

      And these poor, unfortunate souls? Aparantly they did not hurt the increase of 341,000 new customers (10% increase over same quarter last year). People get all up in arms when a minority of the customers start complaining. When you are talking about a customer base registering in the millions, even a complaining 1% sounds like a lot...but it isn't.

    • Unfortunately, I'm starting to believe the rumors.

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