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  • alohaarob alohaarob Jun 10, 2013 5:55 PM Flag

    I"m selling

    It just seems with them there's always something. I bought in March thinking it was oversold and an opportunity to get in but as I look carefully I see the executives and board members are allocating themselves a large chunk of what would otherwise be company profit. Furthermore I dont see any kind of firm 'moat' around their business: should the law change and the incumbents are allowed to compete then their main business IMHO will be washed away. I see it as a risky situation and I dont think the potential profit is anywhere close to providing me a fair compensation for that risk. I'm almost finished closing out my position and will be in the next few days.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Selling! You are very smart. you weren't when you bough your shares but you're making up for it now.

    • Ok ding #$%$, thanks for the shares

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Thank you for creating a new ID to tell us that.
      You looked carefully? It sounds like you are parroting the bashing that was said here on this message board.
      What about the fast growth in customers? And the huge increase in earnings guidance? That is straight from the company...not message board junk.
      Did you see the eps the last Q? the PE here is less than 2.
      In Texas, everyone competes and Amigo Energy does just fine.
      back to the point...they are growing rapidly. That means they can compete.

      There is not always "something" with JE.

      The scam and customer complaint problems that keep being mentioned are two and three years old.
      These issues (very few they were) have been corrected.

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