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  • baumanncynde baumanncynde May 9, 2010 5:22 AM Flag



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    • Timmmmmmm-ber! (Or, alternatively, TIMBERRRRRRRRRRRR)

      Every time you read "Timmmmmber!", you're looking at the ego-vomiting of a crippled personality attempting to justify its own existence through the destruction of another's.

      The expression "Timmmmmber" is similar to "BWAH-Ha-hahahahahaaaaaaaa!", an utterance most often associated with individuals who haven't a clue to its origins.

      Started in the early 1800s by settlers racing across the North American plains in covered wagons, the expression or "sound" was originally used to mean "I'm gaining on everybody", meaning that one family and its wagon had gotten ahead of the others.

      This was of course a rather silly notion, given that any settlers who actually separated from the others were sure to die without the support of the wagon train.

      Everybody seemingly knew this except that one guy whipping his oxen on, screaming "BWAH-Ha-hahahahahaaaaaaaa!" as he pounded forward into oblivion and almost certain death.

      Interestingly enough, this is also when and where the term "clueless" was first put into common use, having to do of course with the those who were pontificating "Watch and learn!" above the pounding of the hooves as they withered from view and from the safety of the wagon train. Almost all of them died along the trail, bitter and alone.

      I am coming to the conclusion that the people claiming to short stocks on these boards are (for the most part) misanthropes looking for a brief kick of schadenfreude. They don't know how to create, so they delight in tearing down what others have done.

      Every time you see a post with "BWAH-Ha-hahahahahaaaaaaaa", that's someone attempting to get even at the world at large by tearing down what other people are attempting to build. Every time you read "Timmmmmber!", you're looking at the same crippled personality trait.


    • Ummm, no

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