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  • hannibal7878 hannibal7878 Oct 15, 2007 9:57 AM Flag

    Nokia trial starts today...Anybody

    Nokia up to same old BS...they already lost the arbitration and then had to be drug into NY cts to settle.Now on 3G they are doing the same because it benefits them to delay and try to obscure.The only caveat i see here is that ALL court systems can be "politically" taken advantage put it politely!I'd hope the UK court isn't in Nokias pocket?The question of "essentiality" in itself is absurb because in fast moving tech "essentiality" constantly changes.The qurstion that needs to be answered is simply,does Nokia use IDCC IPR in their cellphones.Indeed Nokia worked WITH IDCC for several years developing technology that they use.Only when it came to paying for it,have they used the courts to delay.I hope this UK judge throws the proverbial book at them!!

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