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  • eskane eskane Sep 9, 2009 10:59 AM Flag

    IDCC- - blazing sales growth saide....

    the settlement needs to get done soon ore the marketmakers will forget IDCC's blazing sales growth! Lets get some PR out from the company on how a settlement can be obtained ...SOON!

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    • PR isn't substance. It might help for a day or two, but no longer. There won't be a settlement with Nokia -- not as long as they have litigation options and those stretch out for years, not months. We missed our chance to settle with Nokia. They're hurting now as Apple and RIMM and LG and Samsung take worldwide market share away from them in the smart phone market. They are not in the mood to pay IDCC $300 million.

      Interdigital will have to make do with what they've got and that is an excellent cash flow and transparent earnings. Litigation expenses with Nokia will cut into earnings, but say IDCC still earns $2.25 per year going forward -- assign a reasonable high tech multiple of 15 to those earnings and you've got a $33.75 stock. That's what we can look forward to a year from now.

      The froth and speculation of a $40 to $50 stock price blew away when Merritt blew off his chance for a settlement with Nokia.

      It's too bad, but there are consequences for really stupid decisions and Merritt made a world class one. Having said all that the stock is very cheap at the current price.

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      • Don't forget to add over $10.00 a share in cash to get to $44.00.

        I think it is way to early to say Merritt blew it.

        Merritt has made very good decisions so far. IMO.

        Besides we really don't know what has been offered in the negotiations and the COB has a very big hand in the decision. So if you want to assign blame assign it to Campagna.

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