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  • pfchang2000 pfchang2000 Apr 22, 2010 1:06 PM Flag

    Annual Meeting - June 3rd

    Has anyone been there before? Will it be worth to go down there for the meeting? My house is 70 miles away and I wonder if I shall go.


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    • The ASM lasted about 1.5 hours and about 75 people have showed up.

      They gave away the multi USB adapters (from one interface to 4 interfaces) with company logo on it for souvenirs. It's kind of cute.

      The ballroom provide some cookies with soft drinks. They are free of charge. Overall, it's ok.

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      • Alright, the highlights of this ASM as follow:

        1. Bill reiterated that the future of IDCC is brighter after showing the slides and videos presentation. One video caught my eyeballs that one low resolution video clip played on one Smartphone can be transmitted wirelessly to the nearby large-screen laptop with higher resolution by using idcc’s technology. That was quite impressed.

        2. Three guests kept asking about the dividends during Q&A session and Terry (Chairman of the Board) responded that they will give it a serious consideration and they also realize the different tax rates between this year and the year after for it.

        3. One of the audiences asked the names of the signed licensees who have not been released. The reason he asked this question because the revenue figures did not match his own figures based on all known contracts. Bill responded that they can not disclose all licensees due to different agreements. Some of the licensees do not want their names to be released and therefore he could not provide the names. To me, it sounds like that not all contracts have been disclosed thru news.

        4. One guy asked about the possible license renewal of LG and Samsung and how is the status for this. Bill stated that the timing of the renewal is not the issue, the issue is the value of the renew agreement. Why do we have to rush them for renew with a cheaper price? (He sounded like that.) But at end he said that the renewal is in good progressing now.

        5. One guy asked about the possible buy-out proposal and Terry responded that they’ll consider the buy-out if the price is right and they will act on it.

    • ASM lasted about 1.5 hours. Overall, I'm impressed about Bill's presentation. The highlights from the meeting as follow:

      1. Three guys asked about the dividends and Terry (Chairman of the Board)responded that "we will seriously consider that." But he also stated that IDCC also needs to keep piles of cash on hand in order to tackle with giants like Nokia. Otherwise they will wear us out thru litigations and take advantage from us.

      2. They'll certainly consider the buy-out offer.

      3. They can not disclose all deals they've signed due to different contract agreement from licensee to licensee. This was refered to one question from the audience who asked who are the other two licensees who've contributed additional revenue in Q1 beside the licensees we've learned from the news releases. In other words, idcc may not disclose all deals to the public.

      To be continued.

    • Sometimes..mgt can give great news.They announced the RIM agreement at one ASM.This time 'who knows"..a buyout offer??

    • I've been to 4 meetings. Its going to be different without Harry Campagna there.
      If you have to ask, maybe its not for you and you shouldnt go.
      But if you do go, maybe you can ask them for a feel as to when we'll start seeing revenues from the China signing.
      And if the revs are "per phone", or just a set rate.
      As usual, they weren't very telling in their announcement

    • I live near Reading. Been to a couple. Do you like cookies? Go!
      See what you are not missing.
      No Harry this year. Sad.


    • Gooooo...and tell us what you think.i'm on westcoast or i'd go.

    • If I lived only 70 miles away I'd surely go. Since I live 1500 miles away I don't think I'd invest the time. Maybe if you went you could share your sentiments with the rest of us from first-hand observations.

    • Anyone has been there for the meeting before? How long did it last last time? Shall I go?


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