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  • lookingforoppty lookingforoppty Oct 1, 2010 10:30 AM Flag

    looks like a short squeeze was about to occur

    when it jumped over 30,

    then someone opened their eyes.

    good volume yesterday.

    will be good volume today too, as we are almost at the average volume for an entire day, and its not even half done yet.

    yeah, a lot of people are still hoping for a buyout.

    as thats what you do as an idcc investor

    hope for a buyout

    wait for an agreement

    hope to win a court case

    very little celebrating

    mostly hoping and wishing and dreaming, and name calling anyone who doesnt agree with you

    such children

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    • Looking, even you have to acknowledge that $29 is a lot higher than $25. And $25 is where most of the recent shorts established their positions, so it is reasonable to expect some further short covering.

      As to the Nokia buyout rumor, it probably won't happen but it would make a hell of a lot of sense for Nokia. They are getting killed in the smart phone market precisely because they refuse to license IDCC's technology and $14 of the purchase price would be covered by IDCC's own cash. A $42 buyout would solve a lot of Nokia's problems and InterDigital's disenchanted shareholders are ready to sell and realize something on their investment.

      So, it's not just hoping -- it's a logical hypothesis.

    • Look,

      WE long time longs are "looking" at what an A$$ you have been, and presently are!

      Our eyes are open. ROTFLMAO!

      But then again, there is a A$$ basher on every board, so inquiring minds learn to take basher comments with a grain of salt!

      IMHO - Tomcat

    • Thank you for joining us for, "THE DAILY BE-ITCH"

      Tune in tomorrow as we bring you another predictable and useless blowing of hot air,

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