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  • xraythrives xraythrives Jul 9, 2011 9:09 PM Flag

    Italy the next Greece

    The one and only "investment thesis" to be derived here is the poisonous nature of crippling debt. And if giving up a few symbolic tax breaks is the only price the right has to pay to get the libs to agree to major spending cuts, we dammnned well better give it to them.

    Can you imaging our own insane fiscal policies bring down this great nation, when the soviets and Bin Ladin were never able to?

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    • X-ray, a while back when you were a bit frustrated (as we all were) with IDCC's stock action, you mentioned that if it ever got back to a reasonable level, you might want to diversify a bit into some good high yielding stocks.

      One which you might want to consider is Telefonica (TEF) which is one of the largest, if not THE largest, telephone companies in the world. It has recently been driven down with all of the European stocks because of sovereign debt concerns since it is headquartered in Spain, but the reason I like it is its huge presence in South America (particularly in the fast growing Brazilian market). At today's price in the $21s it is yielding almost 10% and S&P ranks it 4 Stars if their rankings count for anything after the mortgage bundling mess (fraud?).

      Do your own checking, but I thought it might meet some of your criteria if the Euro connection doesn't scare you off.

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      • It is on my watch list. So far I am only in on NLY and some AGNC. Both REITS.

        And of course I have no illusion of those HUGE dividends holding over time. But as long as dear Uncle Ben keeps speaking his soothing words of wisdom like he did today, I will hold my SLW and REITS.

        Thanks for the heads up. Telecom, propane/energy, and mid-line pipers have some very attractive and secure looking Divi's

        When in the name of GOD is this decision going to come??

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