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  • caveman_cooking caveman_cooking Jul 20, 2011 1:26 PM Flag


    Like I said yesterday, Wall Street rarely gives us a no-brainer. They have with IDCC.
    Now we have reports of GOOG interest .. what a surprise, huh?!? They (along with Samsung, HTC, and the rest of the Android faithful) are desperate for IDCC's IP. But, let's not forget the folks who already license IP from IDCC, including Apple, RIMM, and Sony/Ericsson - the winners of the NT auction. Are they going to want to be beholden to GOOG for the IP they are already utilizing? Not a chance! Would APPL and company want to put an IP stranglehold on the wireless industry for the foreseeable future? You bet!! Plus, there are numerous other major players who need continued access to IDCC IP (Acer, Hitachi, LG, NEC, etc.). What does this all add up to? I'll spell it out for you: B-I-D-D-I-N-G W-A-R!
    DO THE MATH PEOPLE! It is the "simple" math, too!! If you put the dollar amount valuation from the NT auction on IDCC you get about $100/share. BUT, if you put a per patent valuation on IDCC (keeping in mind that IDCC's patents are neoterically greater in number and relevance) you get a per share price somewhere between $250 and $300. AND, let's not forget the 10K patents still in the que at the USPTO!
    Bottom line is, we have a ways to go on this puppy. The ride won't be for the faint of heart. But, I expect MUCH higher prices from IDCC by the time a deal is announced ... and I think those prices will shock a lot of people (especially the shorts).

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