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  • dukie_brown_jr dukie_brown_jr Aug 18, 2011 2:27 PM Flag

    The Street says IDCC is old news

    I use to post quite a bit on Yahoo but since have moved to another board where quite a few other long time IDCC holders now dwell.

    I've followed this stock for more than a decade but currently don't own any. Truthfully, I don't plan on buying any either.

    While its true IDCC owns many patents, 99% of them are useless. Many pertain to older technologies and even the valid ones seem to never hold up in court. They've had their head handed to them by NOK several times. As with anything, its quality not quantity. LG is not renewing with IDCC. There is no certainty that the CAFC ruling will go in their favor. So what do we have?

    A company with a litigious past and future. Large companies will continue to infringe and let it play out in court many years later. Most saying, we want milk, not the cow.

    IDCC should probably be trading around $28-$30, nothing shameful about that. It is trading up here due only to speculation. If a deal doesn't go down soon, this thing will drift with the market and end up where it belongs.

    I know that IDCC didn't want GOOG, they wanted Apple but many time you should take the first offer. This patent hysteria will end soon and I'm afraid the real losers will be IDCC shareholders.

    Insiders have made a living off it's investors. Selling on every price increase.

    I hope we get bought out at $150 - I have lots of friends who own the stock.

    OK - call me a pig or a racist or a short seller if you must. Anyone who knows me, will tell you I've followed and owned this stock while you still popping your zits.

    Good luck

    The article

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    • You based it up from The Street report which Jim Cramer is part of the organization. I hope you have more proof of your claim that IDCC patents are old and not too strong to enforce. If your claim is true that the insiders are pumping the stock while they are selling , you better give some proof
      so that they go to jail if the deal fails. I am not a pumper but just a realistic investor.

    • If you don't own any shares why do you say " hope we get bought out at 150$" Who is we?

    • exactly. who needs old and outdated and expiring patents

      when you got VHC available for sale

    • Is Jim Lurigo still around?

      He's the one guy who deserved to make a lot of money on this stock.

    • Jim Malackowski, founder of Ocean Tomo, comments on IDCC
      Jim Malackowski, founder of Ocean Tomo, on CNBC just now said the following:

      "The focus is now doubled. The focus is now not only on the patents that companies own ...also the cross-licensing arrangements in place...

      We look at it as a 3-legged stool. You need to have the handsets, you need to have the operating system, and you need to have the wireless protocol. The deal today was a focus on handsets and operating systems. The wireless protocol was a deal focus of the Nortel portfolio a few weeks ago. So look to see who fills in that third piece of the puzzle for either Google or others in the market...

      InterDigital is a company that we have been talking about with our clients for some time because we believe that their wireless protocols are very strong... Most people don't have the three-dimensional perspective... they are looking at the operating system and the handset and they are not focused on the fact that the wireless protocol is a critical piece of the puzzle. We think it (IDCC) is still an important asset...

      I don't think today's action was the end of the story --I think there is other M&A activity to come. We're a big believer in the InterDigital Portfolio...

      I can tell you it's (IDCC) a third leg in the triangle, I think Google would benefit from an acquisition (of IDCC) but there are others in the space that are going to be looking at it -- obviously -- as reflected in the recent run up (of IDCC's stock price). "

    • dukie brown ... yes, I remember you ... I have been in IDCC since 1996 and post on 4 IDCC boards.

      Looks like the years have not been very good to you if you think IDCC is a $28 - $30 stock. Sounds like bitter grapes ... you should have never shorted IDCC and if you are still short you are a real fool ... jmho. BTW: you need to talk to the CEO of Ocean Tomo ... his opinion of the quality of IDCC's patent portfolio is quite different than yours and he evaluates the actual value of patents, unlike you.

    • Scott Moritz wrote the article. You are correct, Cramer is an idiot but he makes a lot of money.

    • So, you post a CRAMER web site...a man that used to work for a hedge fund and admitted to laying and trying to drive the price of a stock down for the benefit of his bank account...he's a disgusting human being.

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