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  • xraythrives xraythrives Aug 31, 2011 9:53 PM Flag

    Guys, regardless of your interpretation of anti-trust law...

    ""<<(and I highly doubt that many of you have one)>""

    I'm sensing an elitist arrogance here. And what is really funny is I am at a loss to understand the foundation of it. Usually people with really high opinions of themselves at least "hint" at having something on the ball above and beyond the average guy. But in your case, not so much.

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    • You are right in thinking that lindmeritage has a *very* high opinion of himself, one that is unfortunately not shared by those who have been observing him in action since the 2009 days of the BUD, ROH, JAVA buyouts.

      Monsieur LindDemeritage, for he boasts of a French trophy wife (the "French Chick"), and a *large* yacht on which he takes looong vacations, is fond of dropping the names of the biggest hedge fund managers he claims to know personally, into casual conversation. But Alas! Lindy has had a very bad 2011. He is sitting on huge losses in HUN, which he characterizes as his largest holding and huge losses in BIG and other failed or takeunder deals this year.

      He got news of IDCC from a village idiot, kstacy33, but dithered a couple of days before actually buying. And since then he has been frantically trading in and out of the stock in order to make a few pennies to cover his losses this year, since his partners could not be too pleased with the amount of their money he has lost. Of one thing you can be sure -- lindmeritage knows next to nothing about any value that can be placed on IDCC's patents and still less on what any cell phone manufacturer would actually pay for them. So be warned, most of us in the know have learnt to do exactly the opposite of what lindmeritage sez on these boards.

      BTW, have I mentioned that last year he was heavily into AIB and IRE (which he described as "call options" on the Irish recovery), even to the extent of getting up early in the morning and posting the Irish stock prices on their boards? Caveat emptor!

    • The only think you sense is a high hard one from the rear and you bend over in anticipation. You love it when Obama and the gvt steals your grippers.

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