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  • faosto faosto Sep 9, 2011 9:54 PM Flag

    I think this will jump over $70 on Monday

    The info is too specific not to move this:

    1. Analysts believe it can fetch $5 billion
    2. Several companies named as interested.
    3. Time frame very specific two weeks.

    $110 per share may or may not be the upper limit. I'm expecting it to be somewhere between $88 and $125. And I think INTC could end up being the high bidder, as Intel is competing with a host of wireless chip manufacturers where IP is going to get more and more important. Plus I'm sure that Intel is extremely interested in the pending patents that IDCC has on video compression for mobile devices (how could they not be when that's the future of mobile?).

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    • I have read dozens of posts over the last several weeks and I have decided that, so far, the best advice has been "just come back in a few weeks and check the stock price"

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      • Isn't that the truth, X-ray? Just come back in a few weeks and check the share price. But keep a weather eye out for another glob of Euro-mess which may cause the stock price to drop 4 or 5 points in a single session!

        Whoever made the point (perhaps it was you) that Google was pretending non-interest to keep the bidding price down may be on to something. The children now running Google are too clever by half -- real "gamers" they are, just like everyone else in their age group.

        But, whether real or contrived, Google's lack of interest has certainly kept IDCC's stock price down, despite rafts of articles in the reputable financial press about the auction process. IDCC was $76 per share in the AH on the Friday before Google dropped the Motorola bomb on Monday morning, August 15. I have never seen the stock of an obvious takeover candidate act so badly.

        My guess is that Carl Icahn sold the Google "wunderkind" a bill of goods and they will rue the day they bought a low margin phone manufacturer and some mediocre patents for $12.5B. But that's just me and my sour grapes.

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