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  • jproche27 jproche27 Sep 19, 2011 10:39 AM Flag

    IDCC Patent Value...

    I invested in Koday because its patents are "foundational" patent since 85% of digital imaging relies on kodak's patents.

    Can IDCC investors (not bashers) tell me what makes IDCC patent valuable and if you have any information/article showing what IP/industry experts are saying ?


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    • It doesn't matter what time frame and juncture IDCC is now. It's a question of demand and supply, period. Based on Bill Merrit's statement that the value of IDCC's IP is much better and deeper than Nortel's. I don't think any bidder will submit something which is much lower than Nortel's auction price ($4.5B). That will waste time and efforts on both sides. BOD may consider $4B bid though but I doubt they will because the future prospect IDCC has unless you don't think there is one.

      Botton-line is that do we have a bidder or not? This will be anyone's guess! But I'll say Yes, there will be some, not just one because IDCC has powerful and essential IPs to make the holder(s) navigate and grow in future wireless storm.

    • The risk is that Nortel's valuation metrics will not be replicated. It may have been a one time flash in the pan. That's all. No one is suggesting that IDCC's IP is not as good or better than Nortel's. Just that Nortel was in the right place at the right time, and that cooler heads have prevailed.

    • So why did it take huge Nortel auction headlines for IDCC's patent value to be realized?

    • It's comments like that that debase this board. The market expects GR to be purchased by UTX for between $110 and $125, and GR shares are trading at $104 on massive volume. That's the way the market works. If the market expected the kind of valuations you all tooss around with respect to IDCC, the shares would not be trading in the low $60's. This is not the equivalent of a binary FDA approval. If ther is a deal here, it is likely to be for less than $100 per share. Just saying that you all are assuming a lot of risk for the potential reward.

    • Double? I hear 3 Bells ringing in mu head. $200 Plus.

    • Allegedly the patents aree worth more than Nortel's. Let's say at minimum they sell for the same around $4 billion. Then the cash market cap of IDCC would be at about 5 billion chich would be more than a 50% increase from today. I assume the reason the stock is trading at such a discount is because it ain't a done deal yet? I imagine there is some fear that if no deal is reached the stock will drop $15? I imagine though since they made this whole effort public, that they made a very important well thought out decision to do this, and I doubt they will flip flop. It seems there is enough interest that they will meet or exceed their initial expectations. I am in - this is a very good bet IMO. Of course you decide where you put your money.

    • A few points to keep in mind :

      1. IDCC is not a bankrupt shell of a company like Nortel
      2. IDCC is a very viable patent producing enterprise with
      almost 300 specialized engineers that are engaged in
      breakthrough telecommunication applications on an ongoing
      3. Ocean Tomo and other companies that specialize in patent
      appraisal have rated IDCC 4G/LTE portfolio at a greater
      value than Nortel's. They also highly rate their 3G
      patent portfolio.
      4. Apple, HTC, Samsung and many other companies recognize
      IDCC's technology and have current license agreements.
      5. Bottom line is IDCC has approximately 441 patents that
      have been classified, by IDCC and others, as essential
      in 4G/LTE.
      437 of those were developed by IDCC's engineers and 4
      deal with antenna's, that IDCC acquired when they bought
      Tannity. IDCC has more 4G/LTE patents that have not been
      declared as essential, but are of viable use to the
      6. IDCC currently has approx. $700 million in

      All is jmho

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