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  • xchknx xchknx Sep 20, 2011 3:48 PM Flag

    negative news leak possible

    a day like today can take it down $4.

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    • Not every Co. is like GOOG where they rose the bid for MMI from 30$ to 37$ to 40$ in one day! GOOG was desperate & MMI played them wonderfuly (read pertinent articles).

      Most corporations have x amount of comitees that have to ok expenditures.
      This auction involves billons even if all potential bidders have a grand total of 300 billon in cash it is still a big chunk of $$.

      The patents have to be studied from a legal, technical and strategic angle.
      All this takes time.

      What I like is that this is one segment living in a "happy days" environment of growth, most players awash in cash, paranoid about their competitors.

      Now people in front of their screens get bored, days go by and no action. Example:
      Today in this thread I have read between 5 and 10 posts of AAPL nostalgic investors. There was positive action there and falling prices here....

      It is hard to be long and see the price slip from 73 to 59.
      It is hard to be short and see the price rise from 59 to 73.

    • Renaldo, unless I am mistaken, the Seeking Alpha author was referring to the delay from the day after Labor Day until the two week period referred to in the Bloomberg article published September 9th entitled "Intel Said to Weigh InterDigital Bid." That article said in pertinent part:

      "First round bids are due in two weeks" [from September 9, or by September 23rd].

      I'm too lazy to re-read the whole article again, but as I recall it was a re-hash of all the events since the announcement of hiring Barclays and Evercore in July. I don't think it contained any new information.

      We all need to calm down.

    • Highly unlikely at the last minute IDCC management chicken out and decide auction canceled.

      If auction price is 'low-ball' amount, yes, then I can see IDCC not sold.

      Speculators and those on margin sold because IDCC went <60, believing that was the support.

      If IDCC goes <50 before this Friday's auction, time to conclude auction not going to happen.

    • Nobody has any news either way. This is a wait it out situation so if you don't have the nads to hang tough, sell and move on. I will be here until they announce something and I am convinced those who do will be rewarded to the MAX! Stop looking at this every hour and relax!

    • Assuming there would be no deal then you would see 5 millon shares being sold and price falling 20 U$S.
      Bids are supposed to be opened on Friday

    • no deal

78.20-1.41(-1.77%)Sep 23 4:00 PMEDT