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  • faosto faosto Sep 23, 2011 1:29 AM Flag

    Longer IDCC allows the process...the lower it's price

    I think that's a fair "fear-based" speculation. My sympathies for you. However, I share no such fear. In fact, I think this silence is a good thing. I think there is enough interest in doing thorough DD that this is, quite simply, taking time to let throngs of IP lawyers and engineers from 5-10 companies pour over thousands of pages of patent documentation. Think about it: if a half dozen companies looked and shrugged, what advantage would there be for IDCC to delay acknowledging that no sale was going to take place? Nothing. The longer they delay with no deal, the harder it will hit their stock price. You can see how the delay is already hurting the current stock price. People like you are bailing left and right - OMG!!! NO ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! NO INTEREST!!!
    I just don't believe that's where we are right now. There are two reputable banks working through this bidding process, and it is very complicated. The valuation process alone is extremely complicated for each company to assess. This isn't like trying to evaluate McDonald's or US Steel. Each of these patents require a PhD+ level understanding of wireless technology and its implications for future product design. And then, separately, each patent that is determined to have intrinsic technology value must subsequently be evaluated by IP lawyers for its blocking power in competitive situations between companies. and there are over 10,000 granted and pending patents to evaluate, let alone the engineering team that created them. How fast do you think a Samsung or Intel can pull off that exercise? Try weeks, if not months.

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