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  • minnesotafarmcountry minnesotafarmcountry Oct 12, 2011 12:11 PM Flag

    This sums it up...from IV board

    DealReporter Rug Sales, LLC ........ Many options available

    Put up a daily chart of IDCC for the past 3 months, or even 6 months if you like, and

    what is the most blatantly obvious and truthful observation that you can make?-

    In 3 months, IDCC PPS has traveled well over $60.

    $60 friggen bucks!

    Go ahead, find another stock with that kind of a year.

    Boy-o-boy, just think if you could have had some kind of hand in the "design" of that PPS as it was happening.

    The money borders on gigantasaurus.

    Now, the next thing to notice is where the PPS has been trading for the majority of the past 8 days.

    Right in the general range of trading BEFORE the Strategic Review was even announced .

    You mean to tell me that a whole bunch of Bargain Basement share shoppers have been able to load up on this

    stock at pre-Stategic Review prices?

    Shheesh. Talk about "Smart Money."

    Okay, but now what? What's to drive that PPS up above $50?


    ///Hey wait, I know.

    Let's drive this PPS up towards $55 in the next several days before Octo opex.

    -But how are we gonna do that?

    Not to worry, I'll put a little informal "press release" out to the usual guys///


    Yesterday, the values on the October Calls in the Strikes from $52.50 to $65 DOUBLED.

    And the PPS went up by what percentage?

    So, where might the real action of the next 7 trading days actually be?

    Does any upmove during this time period have anything to do with reality or is just about

    choosing the grade of rug to stand on before the pull?

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