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  • joetong419 joetong419 Oct 18, 2011 10:42 AM Flag

    Dog and pony show continues (auction)

    IDCC will be stuck 40-49 range for awhile, if not go lower...

    The outcome of the auction (or no sale of the company) continues with no firm date of the conclusion.

    IDCC management has a minimum price target; if they don't get it, no deal. Probably at least >85; who will pay >100 when IDCC is < 1/2 that now? Patents has to be a blockbuster!

    Worth the wait when the date and outcome could be in 2012 or 2013? Time value of money decay.

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    • Nortel was bankrupt...first bid $ could a bankrupt companies patents be worth more than IDCC's patents? 700M in cash on IDCC books...enough to pay all they have a strong balance sheet to sustain any downturn. IDCC traded near $60 before any announcement. IDCC could sell just a portion of the patents if they think the price is right for only a portion of the patent protfolio...that money could be paid to shareholders in a special dividend...we have heard $1B and $2B for parts not all of the patents...$4B for the entire company seems reasonable, but it could go higher as everyone needs to realize that IDCC is a solvent and strong company and not at the mercy of creditors and a bankruptcy judge.

    • Joe, I don't understand your choice of price range. The DealReporter low on September 26th was $44.01. Where does the $40 figure come from? If you want to totally disregard the possibility of a buyout, why stop at $40? On or about June 17, we were below $35.

      It seems like your range should have a bottom target of $44 because that has been the low since InterDigital's announcement of July 19. Actually since the DR half-truths of September 26 the range has been $44 to $53 at the extremes and most of the time has been spent between $45.50 and $49.

      All of these prices, of course, are the product of Market Makers' manipulation on low volume. None of them take into account ANY POSSIBILITY of the auction process which we all know is ongoing. So current price action is totally disconnected from the underlying smart phone and tablet market economics and from REALITY.

    • Given your logic sell your shares today, tomorrow will see a lower price....

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