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  • boomandgloom boomandgloom Oct 22, 2011 5:26 PM Flag

    The Path Forward for the IDCC Strategic Alternatives Process

    So let me get this right: $70 is a 45% premium to 47 or so...

    And you say no to that, and take and immediate drop to $40 instead?

    Are you serious?

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    • I bought this stock for my retirement IRA and I do not "officially" retire for another 8 years. So yes. I will vote my shares as a no to 70 dollars since it will be well north of 150 by the time I retire.

      Besides, it is out of my hands. BOD are not going to take an insult offer anyhow so it is a moog point.

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      • <<...moog point.>>

        I believe you meant "moot." But, hey, I also don't think that IDCC will be bought out, so what do I know.

        Btw, did it ever dawn upon you that if there were a $70 buyout, you could take the money, reinvest it elsewhere, and end up "well north" of $150 per share in value. Now that would be the rational way to think about this, but I know that rationality interferes with the dreams...

      • I retired early with an early out....and its been wonderful. I told myself..before I got into IDCC...because I was fairly lucky on some good trades this year..that I'd just do one trade each morning...if the market looked good...if a person has a very good "watch list" and brokerage software so you can see the pre mkt action...and you don't get greedy...
        a "jump in jump out" can be VERY profitable over time...each day it doesn't seem like much...but with about 200 days to trade each year...its a very nice income inhancer...I only mention 70's because that's my break even area...yes..I lost a big chunk thinking IDCC would sell soon...but it was worth the risk I thought...for a very good play. I didn't bet food or house funds...if I can't get it back..for some unforseen lifestyle won't change. But its sure nice to have a big chunk of change in the bank...

    • Put yourself in the BOD's shoes. If you were confident that within a few years your company share price would be valued at 100 dollars or more based on future earning projections(from LTE/4g licensing royalties...would you accept $70 a share? Please keep in mind that new patent legislation just passed to help enforce payment and speed up patent approvals. Additionally, they have focused on frand patents to make sure they can more effectively collect and achieve reasonable rates. If the bod was willing to accept 70 the deal would have been done a long time ago. IMHO

    • Welcome to the Yahoo IDCC message board. A board on which illogical fantasies dominate the dialogue.

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