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  • dc1081 dc1081 Oct 30, 2011 1:23 PM Flag

    November 7th, est date of sale

    I was starting to think the period to form a consortium was going to take an extra month or so, but I believe companies got a month after 1st round ended on Sept 23rd to form consortiums, and I think the deadline was probably Monday Oct 24th, which is why IDCC moved their earnings release to Wednesday to get an idea of who was interested and how serious they are.

    If my prediction is correct, I think 2nd round bids will be due this week, and a sale could be announced November 7th. If nothing is announced by Nov 7th, I think Nov 14th may be the day the news is announced....

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    • You can't educate a person who already knows it all.

      The fact that he pretends to know exactly what is going on tells me everything I need to know about him.

    • <<...a sale could be announced November 7th. If nothing is announced by Nov 7th, I think Nov 14th may be the day the news is announced....>>

      You sound like that preacher who was predicting the Rapture. Let me guess, you own NOV calls...bad move.

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      • yes I own Nov calls, I own Dec and Jan calls too, however I had just started buying October and Nov calls in the past few weeks since they were cheaper, I might buy more Nov calls Monday since they are dirt cheap and in the next 3 weeks there has to be some positive news/leaks even if the sale doesn't happen before Nov expiration. I think March Calls are clearly the best risk to reward contract out there, but I will start accumulating those if my Dec contracts expire, which will suck because I have a bunch of Dec contracts that I bought in the money when the stock was in the $60's....I was "THIS CLOSE" to hedging and buying in the money PUTS on IDCC when it was in the $60's, guess this is a good learning lesson...

        The best options plays in the market right now are probably LNKD and CRM in the money PUTS, even though they are expensive, I have a couple LNKD $85 contracts that I'm down 50% since I bought them in the money...I hate the market right now, if I hit a homerun with IDCC, I'm going on the sidelines for a while, I don't trust Europe anymore...I've lost $30,000 in the last 5-6 months...getting lose to the "poor house," it's kinda scary

    • Sheer speculation. But if we must speculate, let's just go with November 7th. Happy birthday to me!! Scorpio rules!!

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      • haha, well chrrist, how long does it take to figure out how to carve up IDCC...?...I know it's more complicated than Nortel since it's a functioning business, but they've had 25 business days, that's 200 HOURS to decide.

        The week before Thanksgiving will be 8 weeks or 40 business days since the 1st round ended, I think that's plenty of time. If consortiums don't form till Nov 18th, there needs to be positive news that leaks out in the next 3 weeks to drive the stock up...we've had all the bad leaks come out as possible, and a downgrade the day after earnings to top it off, and it looks like the sale is still in progress, so I'd like to think the next leak is positive...

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