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  • boomandgloom boomandgloom Nov 2, 2011 5:32 PM Flag

    From Twitter

    LTEwatch LTE watch
    Quite a few people @ InterDigital have inquired about job openings @ mine. Things not looking OK over there?

    I guess LTE watch who I follow may not know that he has just let on employees maybe getting canned as company is being sold???

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    • The source looks very very real. You have the website the and twitter links, advise / works with Qualcomm in this very field. If he says people notating his organisation and are looking to bai,l it must be because they feel the end near. No one waits to be told they need to look work as company has been sold.

      1,) they know it's possibly being sold, they may get laid off
      2,) for some reason, he has fielded many calls recently

      So something is going on. Though I am insure employees would be last to know, they would get a feel for how things are going.

    • The big threat they used with my wife and her coworkers was that they had all signed non-compete clauses so they were told if any of them went to any kind of pharmaceutical company they would be sued. The money they offered across the board really made it a mute point. Who would leave when they were just offered a 40% pay raise to stay? The rest of us working at the same company were not happy when we heard about it.

    • Not quite. No employee is going to leave voluntarily in anticipation of a deal, when they might stay and: A) receive a rentention bonus from the buyer or B) get a huge severence payment if they get axed. Nice try though.

    • Boom,


      I met him, and I didn't like him.

      IMHO - Tomcat

    • Guess what. Even if they are getting sold, it would be WAY to early in the process for ANY employee to know whether their job would be getting eliminated or not. jmho of course but it seems fairly reasonable and obvious.

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      • Smart employees will have listened to their bosses and realized that they can't go anywhere. When we sold off our Pharmaceutical division the first thing they did was to pull everybody into a room and say "you are up for sale, you can't leave." And guess what, they meant it. Key people were offered stay on bonuses where they would not look for work regardless of who they were sold to. The rest were prohibited from accepting any offers. They were allowed to interview, but they could not leave. I know all this because my wife was in that division when they were sold off.

        Two of her friends went to another local company (MGI Pharma) and they were later bought out and the exact same thing was told to them at MGI. You are up for sale and you cannot move to another company.

      • Yes, but you can't hide the elephant in the room forever. Managers leak, try to help their staff, etc.

        Some guys involved on DD process might have an idea. Imagine a flood of engineers from Palo Alto running around etc, a lot of activity,...etc

        Employees figure out its starting to look like it might happen.

        This twitter source is quite real, non investor, saying, 'tons of these guys are coming..ship is tanking..." but he unknowingly let out a possible important piece of info.

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