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  • brian.lemkeis brian.lemkeis Jan 4, 2012 11:48 AM Flag

    When News Hits that IDCC lost it's appeal to the ITC

    which is coming soon, this stock will easily see low $30's. Too bad so many idiots are fully invested in this stock. It's clear that far too many morons are just hoping to hit the lottery...and they get very defensive and emotional- which is a classic sign of an amatuer investor.

    People, one star me all you want. IDCC is not going to be bought out and they are not going to win their appeal.

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    • Bryan, is there a reason why you call others "idiots"? I'm trying to figure out how that helps.

    • "IDCC is not going to be bought out and they are not going to win their appeal."

      And you know this, because?

    • << IDCC is not going to be bought out and they are not going to win their appeal. >>

      Where did you find your crystal ball. The BOD has not terminated the strategic review, so a buyout is still a possibility. And I doubt even Nokia's lawyers would be so confident as you on the results of the appeal.

      Every jerk is entitled to his opinion - and your's is worth exactly what we are paying for it.

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      • when the preliminary decision turned out to favor Nokia, jaws dropped around the world like when OJ was acquitted for example. But it turned out that the decision was based on specific technicalities which IDCC has since addressed (so the same decision could not now be argued without introducing new arguments), and in addition IDCC has been allowed to enter new evidence in the appeal as well as they will be allowed to take apart certain devices to help demonstrate physically how their IP is infringed. And more than one new patent and a few plaintiffs have been added in the meantime. IDCC is not a troll, but is an inventor and if someone wants to use their invention(s) then they have to pay a royalty. They can focus on innovation and the industry can focus on manufacturing and pick and choose what they want in lieu of expensive and possibly fruitless R&D expenditures.

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