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  • fukn_gruven fukn_gruven Aug 12, 2012 1:30 PM Flag

    Merger looks like it's going through

    Merger looks positive. Should get good volume on the next pr. i suspect going upto .0055 until drill results come in. If they are positive expect a $1 if they are negative expect to be holding the bag. It's a risky play especially with the sad state of affiars their financials are in. There is more than 50% chance on good results since the claims are in close proximity to known money making claims. Topography of the claims looks promising. Plus with the meger should cost nothing to drill. I see it as a real potential money maker provided Rudman doesn't screw this up. If he would get off his lazy butt and quit taking out loans. He's been looking like a bum for the past couple years. This is his chance to shine. Don't screw this up Rudman!

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    • do you think this stock may split with a merger? what is your opinion on share value at that juncture ?

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      • It's really hard to say. Although whatever happens will be a good indicator of the future. Volume will skyrocket with a positive announcement. If they think they are going to have good drill results I would expect a reverse split and pps going up so they can dilute until mining begins. I cant imagine Brittania wanting to get involved at all if they dont expect to get rich off it. Especially with the poor financials of Micron, the fact that Brittania is even looking at MSVS tells me good things are in the pipeline. This can pay big in the long. I expect volatility and 0 volume in the short term. IF you decide to go in, plan on holding for a month or two at the very least.

    • Also, with the accumulation that is going on, shows a strong signal of good news in the pipeline.