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  • stevegoff3141 stevegoff3141 Jan 14, 2013 5:52 PM Flag

    Imagine if Facebook (FB) was to buy Yippi!

    Could Facebook (FB) be getting ready to enter 'search'? Could they have some kind of 'mind reading' search engine? Comprised of your algorithms you provide on FB?
    Cluster search patents maybe?

    There is big privacy issues regarding your search queries you provide to say
    Google or Yahoo being saved for up to two years and sold to advertisers who in
    return send you targeted ad software advertisments based upon your algorithms you provide
    while online today. people don't want that. They feel it violates their 'free
    will' and is just 'intrusive'. CNBC reported today that small search engines are
    starting to take market share from the Bidu's, Googles, and yahoo's of the
    world. For this reason and for purity in search....and not what people pay the
    most for to stick in front of your face like with Google and others. The ad $ is
    not where the money is in Facebook. The data mine and algorithmic persona is
    worth $$$$$.......Facebook and Google is the truest window to ones soul. You
    admit your fears, your desires, Etc. In some cases even before you consult a
    doctor for a problem or talk about it with a loved one.

    Not everybody is seeing the same ad's / banners you are seeing on your screen.
    They are 'targeted ad software' derived for and from the things you like and
    interest you via you online activity

    Here below is an old post I wrote regarding your online activities and how they
    are used (sometime in a court of law against you...and even in Divorce
    proceedings today)

    It is all about MuseGlobal and the clustering search software/patents here with
    IBM. And the CLOUD!
    Zuckerberg: "In 10 years, folks will share 1,000 times what they do now!"

    Facebook CEO also tells a packed hall at Stanford University that too many entrepreneurs are working on problems that are too small.

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