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  • flyingfishroe flyingfishroe Mar 10, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

    Why Yippy is buy now? my opinion.

    Hey Garysnoop1 and alI. As you can see, nowadays, big data and cloud are the hottest topics on the main street, and luckily Yippy is running in the middle of the street. Yippy has just updated its website; it’s faster and much more reliable now. I also see many big companies ads on the site recently added, I think both of Yippy and cluster web site is finally ready to be noticed by the public users (I call it Yippy has passed phase I).
    Phase II. Yippy has already signed and paid some deposit money to acquire both of HighBeam and Muse Global. The deal has been pending for a while, but it can’t be stayed this way too long. In my prospect, it will come out as good news soon. Think! --Yippy will have so many technologies with: clustering search by Vivisimo (with IBM), smart connectors with Muse, HighBeam’s big data information with its system, and don’t forget the toolbar technology of Macte Labs which Yippy already has got, etc.
    With all of those fact, I can picture that Yippy could be a big-data-cloud-computing company, in play, when those get all set on Yippy together. I think many investors would see the same picture when Yippy announce those achievement. The revenue and profit will come after it.
    Never the less, there are some downsides as well. If those deals wouldn’t close, Yippy had to find some other way to run the business, it would take long time. Also, bought-out is always a possible factor. Especially, IBM already owns 10% of YIPI shares, so IBM should consider acquiring Yippy when attractive to buy. Needless to say, IBM is a leading company in the cloud and big data business.
    OK. This is from my perspective on Yippy, for now, and the acquisition news is surely imminent.
    What do you think?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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