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  • nameofthegame777 nameofthegame777 Apr 3, 2014 3:20 PM Flag

    ITEN follow the money Asher Enterprises, Inc $$'s toxic finaning

    ITEN managements willingness to take dollars from Asher should have put the brakes on any additional share purchases by the student body. For all willing to do a little due-diligence go back and follow any and all stocks that take dollars from Asher, especially with NO FLOOR on the stock when the note is converted into shares. The sad thing its almost impossible that current management wasn't aware of the consequences. Still lower to go with ups and downs alone the way, ultimately stock should bottom somewhere below .20

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    • biigest mistake we made is buying this garbage at 1.26 now what will u do sell or buy more lower the cost? my concern is that this co is fake.

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      • I don't own any shares but was asked to look into the stock for someone else when the stock was trading in the high .85 range. Please do yourself a favor and look up all the stocks connected to Asher funding dollars. Keep an eye on the stock price at the time of Asher funds and the stock price over the next 6-10 months. You will not be able to find that I'm aware, 1 stock who's stock price appreciated 1%. from the time they excepted the toxic funds. Most of the time the stocks fell between 60 - 85% or more. Sever dilution is what I'm talking abou. tAsher is very well know in the penny stock area and shouldn't be hard to research. Keep in mind this point: A company does NOT turn to Asher unless they have no other choice. I could get into great detail about toxic nature of the funds but I'm sure you can all figure it out. Take care all the very best

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