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  • rjincstr rjincstr Aug 13, 2003 9:20 AM Flag

    i know this

    there needs to be a placebo as I"ve been a part of placebo's. it was amazing how the placebo people got better than the non placebo taking the real drug!!! Placebo testing is important as ever! Example: I wouldn't take any cancer therapy from IMCLONE IMCL cuz their drug failed in europe and yet their connections will get them approved for that drug here in u.s. due to FDA insider contacts who are getting fat with IMCL along with brokers.....i don't trust any of these companies, but I still play the game.

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    • Joe Scarborough on MSNBC also dispels the liberal bias--and does it with a more lighthearted style. Serious subjects--but fun to watch

    • once again, your emotion has controlled your mind. I feel sorry for most liberals like yourself who are so brainwashed out of lieing for so many years. Am guessing you are about 50 years old and just so hostile about the fact bush made it legally into the presidency. I bet you still think Bush stole the election from Gore...Geez, you need more help than I thought. instead of reading about Cabo trips throughout this whole board I suggest a remedy of Zadaxin and also two months of daily and nightly FOX news reporting. Then, take a trip back to CNN and see just how negative that station and other liberals are in tearing our country down and apart. Clinton is and always was a loser. And, this stock is TEN YEARS old wounded Elbow! Ten years and finally into Phase III!! YeS! You know,I come back to this posting becuz it angers me to see so many people "pumping up" a board with so much emotion and so little facts. Now, who is greedy, the lies I read about how this thing will shoot to the moon? Or, little wounded Elbow, who woundedly tells the truth...poor guy. he's wounded.

    • Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit...

      Bush, Cheney, and Enron execs conspired to extort money from Californians... Trying to blame Clinton for that is just silly...

      **poof** You're on my ignore list now...

    • you are so right....and its nice to at last have a president who tells the truth...and an honest vice president...

    • I just got back from vacation so forgive me for asking if this has already been covered, but are you short SCLN, and if so, why? I'm always willing to listen to a rational argument that my long position in this stock is ill-advised. Of course, I currently think that that is the case with your (apparent) short! :~) But if you'd care to share your reasoning, if any, I'd appreciate it. The resident bashers just mutter anti-SCLN mantras or giggle...Tc

    • and what exactly did clinton do??? he went after bank accounts?? oh, that's great job. considering their money is in bags and stored buildings all over Iraq. Do you think clinton tried and failed? or did he just FAIL??! I think he failed. Secondly, my wife is in the energy business in houston and you are totally F--in clueless. It was the links that FERC set up between the energy companies and california grid,that ran up the prices cuz they didn't report the right volumes produced or transmitted. they showed they were short, thereby running up the prices.

      so, get a clue idiot! houston and bush had nothing to do with enron or the energy companies deal. if anything clintons' new strategy for accounting fudges taught corporate exec's how to fudge their own profits to inflate them just as clinton inflated the budget.
      let me know when you need an eduation in energy I'll give it to you.

    • First, I'm not a Clinton fan or a Davis fan, I am a registered Republican. However, you are so off as to be an embarassment... Clinton did try to deal with the middle east, and Al Queda in particular by going after the money. But the republican bankers prevented it... Gray Davis didn't cause the energy crisis in California, Texas republicans did. Do you know how many Enron Board members are in Bush's Cabinet?

      If you want to be taken seriously, please get your facts right!

    • He just updated his profile 2 days ago, writes very much like "knightswhonee" who used to post trash here a few years back every SCLN made a decent run.

      He would always close with Hehehe. Kind of like wounded's giggle. Must be a requirement when they're hired at "Slams R Us" to come up with a signature close.

    • gee, idiot, clinton also enjoyed economic growth that he had nothing to do with. of course he raised taxes, people had the dough to pay them!! geez, you need to understand economics and cause and effect. Why do you think 800,000 people left california last year where most were small businesses who couldn't pay their light bills or the stupid taxes that gray davis raised!! NO, dummy, middle east unfortunately has all of the worlds oil and we need a new energy policy which in 8 years under clinton didn't do anything. In fact, he was such a partier he told everyone to go buy SUV's and burn it up, party on Garth! I got my intern what about you....when people can't make money and can't pay bills you LOWER taxes in hope that they make it thru store up some more money and then REINVEST. Corporations got sucked into the internet and clinton rode the hype and now that the internet has lost the 3,000 it added to the nasdaq it's all calmed down and now bush has to deal with reality--clinton did nothing for this economy and did nothing to further our security while bush has to spend at a time while we all suffer under the results of a FAILED economic policy that Clinton introduced. This country never had a surplus, Clinton just passed the buck down to the states, made federal bills state bills,.....hmmm. do a lot of research before you come crankin my way bro. out.

    • economic policy! Running a surplus to pay down debt in good times is not socialism. He lost control of congress when he raised taxes and balanced the budget. That was leadership. Not the present "Ummmm, uhhhh ummmmm bomb em."

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